LED lit Nasal Speculum

Brand new speculum sets a new benchmark in ergonomics.


Following a design process, which included a lot of user feedback. The LED Lit Nasal Speculum was the answer to many end user’s needs and frustrations.

Precision manufacturing and quality raw materials provides a premium product with accuracy and longevity.

1 Hour Usage

The highly optimised circuitry and top quality battery ensures one full hour of operating time.



The LED Lit Nasal Speculum does not need to be disassembled for cleaning it can be cleaned using normal cleaning agents.

It is also autoclavable. (After Removal of battery/Light source)


Rechargeable Battery

A pull-tab releases the battery for recharging, this is done using a micro USB Port giving a universal port for charging. There is a small LED Light, which indicates when the battery is fully charged.



The use of stainless steel and plastic enables the LED Nasal Speculum to be lightweight and user friendly.


Anti-Slip Grips

These provide user comfort and reliability.


Excellent Vision

The Strong LED allows clear vision for the user, the 5000 Kelvin strength cool, white light allows excellent viewing.

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