Surgical Headlight

Since having the first fully portable headlamp option for surgery back in 2003, Med LED has remained to be the best option for any type of surgery.

As a product line under Riverpoint Medical, MedLED continues to pioneer surgical lighting in the medical clinic, surgery center and hospital. Using our proprietary select LED modules and technology, surgery can finally be done with complete freedom. 


MedLED's Difference 

Nobody else has a completely portable sugica headlamp with enough battery life to last for over a day and even weeks without charging. 
Be free of belt packs and cables.

With the power designed into the headstrap, MedLED's patented technology offers all-day comfort with the absence of cords.

With a patented LED engine, MedLED does not need the annoyance of a fan or bulky car-like headlight heat management systems. 
There's a reason why we're voted the best looking headlamp. 



Quiet-Cool™ patented heat dispensing technology both reduces temperature of LED and reduces bezel size, keeping Med LED Sapphire™ both cool, and sleek.



Dual Lithium Polymer battery packs provide constant steady brightness andlongevity to the headlight while maintaining Hot-SwapTM capabilities.



MedLED's Rapid Charging station decreases charging time with 4 battery ports, while the On-Board Unit Charger adds versatility of charging from any USB power supply.

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